Our offer is directed at companies, individuals, public bodies. Our company offers complex services as regards the planned projects as well as projects with positive subsidy decision.

We are a company which will help you obtain and efficiently use grants for development.

The package of our services on offer includes:

Our specialists will help you at determining the possibility to apply for means both in terms of a person – eligibility of the Applicant and subject matter – eligibility of the idea. Every idea shall be subjected to an insightful analysis, the final result of which shall be the determination of the best source of financing adapted to the needs and possibilities of the Applicant. Along with the Client, we perform the assessment of the potential and determine the level of possibility to be given the subsidy.

Our team of experienced specialists will lead you throughout the whole application procedure. We offer drawing up full application documentation: applications for subsidy, business plans, feasability studies, investment cost-effectiveness analysis along with all the necessary appendices.

We guarantee professional and fast documentation preparation consistent with the standards and procedures required by the European Union and the institutions implementing particular programmes. The preparation of a perfect research as well as implementation-investment project means close cooperation with the Client, who best understands the subject matter of the project and the direction of development. Additionally, we offer support throughout the assessment process until project subsidy contract execution.

Our offer covers professional care over the project being implemented from the time of contract execution until final settlement and monitoring of indices throughout the period of the project. Experience gained within many years of work will ensure correct settlement of the project both in terms of finance and accounting (payment applications, applications concerning changes) as well as subject matter (periodic reports/final reports, monitoring the level of indices).

Projects execution involves audits, which may take place both at the time of its implementation as well as at the time of its validity period. An audit is a tool enabling a financial institution to assess the manner and correctness of means spent. The manner of keeping the project documentation is thus of key importance.

At this stage, we offer support for our Clients in the following fields:

  • Documentation preparation for project control;

  • Verifying the stage of project implementation:

    • Control of costs and expenses in terms of their eligibility taking into consideration the rules of the programme as well as domestic legal systems and internal solutions of the Beneficiary;

    • Project documentation control;

    • Control of financial and accounting entries;

  • Preparing supplements and post-control explanations.

One of the key pillars of proper performance and settlement is correctly run accounting, in accordance with the requirements of a given programme. Beneficiaries shall be obliged to meet specific conditions in this field, which condition the efficient performance and final settlement of the project.

Our company offers complex consulting services in terms of project accounting including:

  • Appropriate accounts planning for the needs of the project;

  • Assessment of correctness of eligible costs inclusion.

Doing our best to meet the expectations of our Clients, we offer support in the field of subject matter of the projects being executed. Owing to permanent cooperation with scientists with international experience, throughout project implementation we ensure the possibility of consulting the accuracy of the research carried out.